Oct 19, 2022

The Top 10 Largest Dental Service Organizations (DSO’s) in America

Sarah Harris | Oct 19, 2022 | 7 min read

From conducting pre-assessments and interacting with patients to providing adequate care, dentistry involves many moving parts, and dental practitioners have plenty of vital aspects to worry about. In addition to the many administrative tasks of running a company, these responsibilities can become a real burden for licensed dentists.

When it comes to non-clinical services, dental practitioners may not always have the correct answer, leaving them unable to handle specific tasks properly and making the delivery of quality service much more difficult.

Luckily, many independent businesses known as DSOs offer support services to dental practices so they can focus on caring for their patients.


What Is a DSO?

A dental service organization (DSO) is a company that specializes in supporting the administration and maintenance of private, independently run dental practices.

A DSO’s role is to leverage the best available methods to improve clients’ lives across the industry, allowing dentists to maximize the efficiency of their practice and improve the services they provide to patients.

DSOs have access to funds and knowledge that most dental professionals simply lack, which allows them to support smart growth investments and generate efficiencies of scale that would otherwise be impossible.

Whether through management, marketing, or business-related decisions, DSOs can eliminate much of the uncertainty associated with the daily operations of dental offices.


What Are the Top DSO’s in America?

Many DSOs offer services to dental practices across the United States. As their services cover a wide range, from administrative support to full-on dental payment plans, it can be challenging for private practice owners to determine which will work best for them.

If you’re looking for a DSO that suits your needs, there are many factors to consider. From contract length to the amount of control the DSO has, knowing what you’re getting into beforehand is essential. A clear picture of the top ten DSOs in America will make it easier to decide which is right for you.


1. Heartland Dental

Heartland Dental is a leading DSO that offers world-class dental support to organizations working in all fields of dentistry.

Dentists, hygienists, and non-clinical team members each benefit from choosing Heartland Dental as their trusted partner. This DSO works to establish lasting relationships with its clients through the distribution of systems, technology, and support.

Heartland Dental has strategically partnered with many leading firms, including Envista, CareCredit, and Colgate, setting itself apart with focused investments in modern technologies and lab support services. Those who partner with Heartland Dental can leverage the company’s administrative and operational strengths to achieve sustained growth.


Heartland Dental has over 1,500 locations across 38 states as of Jan 18, 2022 which places them #1 for managing the most dental practices under one roof in the United States.

2. Aspen Dental

For over 20 years, Aspen Dental has been delivering affordable dental solutions to its clients. The company has over 900 locations staffed by experts ready to provide the best care. Whether it’s a routine cleaning or something more urgent, Aspen Dental has several treatments available and is well-known for its commitment to patients.

Aspen Dental works with most major insurance plans and offers financial help to those on a budget. With custom denture options, on-site care, and a commitment to patient safety, Aspen Dental ensures patients are never left without proper support.


3. Pacific Dental Services

Pacific Dental Services (PDS) is a DSO that was founded on a commitment to clinical excellence, dedicated to reshaping how modern dentistry takes place.

The organization uses a strict support services model to build positive relationships between clinicians and their patients. With local, regional, and worldwide services available, PDS has the reach to improve the lives of patients no matter where they’re located.

PDS makes service a priority across all of its partnerships. Whether locally or globally, the company understands that great teams can create a lasting impact on the communities that they’re a part of, leading to healthier, happier clients.


4. Smile Brands

With 7,500 team members spread across nearly 700 locations, Smile Brands has become one of the most prominent DSOs in the United States. The company’s culture builds on the belief that happy teams create better patient experiences.

Smile Brand’s partnerships are designed to deliver unique services specially crafted for each company it partners with. Whether that means support services, human resources and recruiting, IT, or facilities management, Smile Brands provides the core services that doctors need to deliver the highest quality care possible.


5. Dental Care Alliance

Dental Care Alliance (DCA) was created with the idea that excellent care can improve lives. This DSO sees its partners as allies who share common goals and commitments. DCA’s focus on contemporary business management strategies allows them to lead partners toward successful practices.

For over 30 years, DCA has been building upon its original vision, leveraging the latest technologies and business principles to create compassionate care. DCA serves all specialties, including general dentistry, pediatrics, orthodontics, and other forms of oral care.

Dental organizations that need a dedicated support team for their operations can turn to DCA to meet and exceed their needs.


6. Great Expressions Dental Centers

Great Expressions Dental Centers offers quality and convenient service packaged for a wide variety of industry needs. With a friendly and courteous staff, Great Expressions gives patients access to diverse treatment options.

From cosmetic dentistry to emergency dental care, this DSO dedicates itself to creating healthier lives for all its partners. Great Expression’s philosophy of care is designed to be patient-centric. Rather than putting insurance first, the company centers around creating realistic expectations for patients.

Great Expression’s Smile Protection Plan offers an alternative to insurance for families who need it.


7. Affordable Care

Having served over eight million patients, Affordable Care represents the standard in affiliated practice, offering its partners business expertise in the form of site selection, real estate management, advertising and marketing, IT consulting, and many other services.

Affordable Care’s best-in-class dental support was created to give all interests within their partner practices the information and help they need to succeed. With its guiding principles of Curiosity, Accountability, Respect, and Engagement (CARE), the company is redefining how DSOs operate.


8. North American Dental Group

With North American Dental Group, partners don’t just get another DSO. This company is dedicated to putting individuals first and employing caregivers who genuinely care about patients. As such, North American Dental Group prides itself in providing dedicated non-clinical administrative services that result in best-in-class dentistry practices.

North American Dental Group is a part of the Professional Dental Alliance (PDA). It adheres to the strict principles of the organization, including creating advanced patient care tactics through the use of data-driven decision-making and an outcomes-driven approach to the practice.


9. Western Dental

Western Dental gets people smiling again with its full range of services, from dental implants to restorative crowns. This DSO’s affiliates operate as a unified group in practice and can take full advantage of these partnerships to improve the lives of their patients.

Western Dental offers general dentistry, gum disease treatment, restorations, and more throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, and Alabama.

To ensure patients get the best deals possible, Western Dental works alongside state-level insurance and financing sources. For those who need it, Western Dental Insurance provides comprehensive plans and benefits to enrolled members.


10. MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a leading dental partnership organization designed to give doctors the support they need to succeed. Rather than buying clinics or controlling them from the top down, MB2 Dental seeks to empower existing practices with the support and resources they need to succeed.

This DSO was established with the understanding that dentists don’t necessarily want to be administrators in their business; however, they may not want to cede control to a third party either. With MB2, dental practitioners have the option of joining a supportive community while still being in control of their daily operations.


A Modern Tool for Simplified Dentistry

Dental IT can be tricky to navigate, even for DSOs. Automation tools can simplify IT management for practitioners. Practice management software (PMS) helps dentists simplify their day-to-day tasks by automating scheduling, billing, and records management.

Software such as Open Dental, Dentrix, and Eaglesoft are just a few examples of PMS systems that can reinforce best practices among dental professionals.

Deploying PMS systems in your dentistry practice is beneficial even if you’re already contracted with a DSO. PMS systems can work alongside your DSO of choice to further improve the administration of your dental practice.


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