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Streamlining Dental Practices with Top Henry Schein Equipment and Technology Solutions

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Henry Schein delivers cutting-edge solutions for dental practices, revolutionizing aspects from management to patient care. This article dissects the impact of Henry Schein’s products, such as the widely adopted Dentrix software, and provides insights into their transformative effects on dental practice operations.


Key Takeaways

• Henry Schein provides a comprehensive suite of dental practice management software and advanced equipment to enhance efficiency, patient care, and revenue cycles, with solutions like Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend, and Dentrix Enterprise.
• Incorporating advanced dental technology positively affects patient experiences, with solutions like 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners, digital radiography, and communication systems like Demandforce enhancing diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient engagement.
• Henry Schein offers dedicated support, training, and customized marketing solutions to dental practices, ensuring successful implementation and operation of their products and technology, along with personalized assistance for practice transitions.


Revolutionizing Dental Practice Management with Henry Schein Solutions

In the realm of dentistry, Henry Schein has emerged as a game-changer, offering a suite of solutions to streamline management and spur growth in dental practices. Among its flagship offerings are Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend, and Dentrix Enterprise, each designed with features that significantly enhance profits and patient care.
Dentrix offers a range of dental practice management software options, each with its own unique features and benefits:
1. Dentrix: Comes loaded with features such as custom patient lists, group text messaging, and integration with over 270 third-party applications, offering a holistic approach to managing a dental practice.
2. Dentrix Ascend: Simplifies daily tasks with a natural, role-based interface that provides a Practice Overview and a tailored to-do list, ensuring critical activities are addressed promptly.
3. Dentrix Enterprise: Delivers advantages like centralized control and improved revenue cycle management to standardize operations across multiple sites.


Comprehensive Dental Software

The comprehensive dental software offerings from Henry Schein go beyond the basics. Dentrix, developed by Henry Schein One, is a comprehensive dental software that includes modules designed to manage:
• Appointments
• Clinical charting
• Treatment planning
• Insurance processing
• Reporting
These modules are designed to enhance efficiency and patient care in dental practices, with a strong focus on dental solutions.
To cater to the varying needs of dental practices, Dentrix offers the following Service Bundles:
• Dentrix Essentials
• Dentrix Momentum
• Dentrix Optimum Pro
• Dentrix Ultimate
Each bundle is designed to optimize practice operations and enhance patient care. Additionally, eAssist Dental Billing, an all-in-one solution integrated with Dentrix, helps dental practices to efficiently manage their billing processes and accounts receivable.
For an added layer of functionality, Dentrix Ascend includes a suite of apps such as ePrescribe, Dentrix Ascend Pay, Dentrix Ascend Voice, Online Payments, and LiveChat.


Advanced Dental Equipment

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To ensure that dental practices can fully utilize the capabilities of this advanced equipment, the company provides installation, training, and support.

In addition to software solutions, Henry Schein offers a full line of innovative dental equipment and technology options for practices. This includes digital imaging devices that integrate seamlessly with Dentrix, eliminating the need for third-party software and centralizing patient data.
Another standout offering from Henry Schein is their CAD/CAM systems. These allow for the digital design and rapid production of dental restorations like crowns and bridges with a perfect fit, introducing a new level of precision and efficiency to dental practices. To ensure that dental practices can fully utilize the capabilities of this advanced equipment, the company provides installation, training, and support.
There’s also the ProRepair service, which utilizes state-of-the-art technology and techniques for the quality repair of handpieces and small dental equipment.


Seamless Integration

One of the key strengths of Henry Schein’s offerings is the seamless integration of their equipment and software solutions. This integration creates a cohesive workflow throughout the dental practice, enhancing efficiency and patient care.
One standout example of this is Dentrix Ascend, a cloud-based solution that enables real-time access to patient information, scheduling, and practice data from anywhere with an internet connection. This is particularly beneficial for multisite practices that aim to standardize operations while preserving site-specific flexibility.
Moreover, solutions like axiUm ensure control and limitation on data access, protecting patient information while simplifying billing processes for dental institutions.


The Impact of Advanced Technology on Patient Experience

Advanced technology is not only revolutionizing the way dental practices operate; it’s also enhancing the patient experience. Henry Schein One’s connected practice management systems are tailored to optimize marketing, patient engagement, and overall management efforts, leading to enhanced patient experiences.
These systems are designed with the patient in mind, facilitating smoother interactions between patients and dental practices. By optimizing marketing and patient engagement, these advanced technologies are not only improving operations but also positively impacting patients’ experiences with dental care.


Digital Dentistry Advancements

Digital dentistry advancements are reshaping the dental landscape, enhancing efficiency and precision in diagnostics and treatment planning. The 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner system, for instance, fully integrates with Dentrix, reducing manual steps and centralizing patient data.
The introduction of technology such as intraoral cameras provides clearer visuals to support patient understanding of treatments, enhancing dentist-patient discussions. Innovations like intraoral scanners create accurate 3D images, and digital radiography improves detection while lowering radiation risks, leading to more precise diagnostic capabilities and efficiencies in treatment planning.


Enhanced Patient Communication

Advanced technology also fosters enhanced patient communication. Henry Schein One’s Demandforce, an integrated patient communication system, simplifies the delivery of automated appointment reminders and grants access to online patient portals. This system leverages automation tools to enable dental practices to efficiently send targeted marketing communications and reminders for routine and recommended services.
In addition, the Exams Opportunity report has been shown to improve patient engagement and increase revenue by promoting regular dental examinations and preventive care. TeleDent by MouthWatch enhances the dental patient experience by offering virtual video consultations, thus broadening the capacity for patient care and optimizing dental practice growth.


Expert Support and Services for Your Dental Practice

Beyond providing advanced equipment and software solutions, Henry Schein also offers expert support and services, such as TechCentral’s technology assessment, designed to make dental practices’ tech solutions easy and affordable. They also offer full office design services through their Integrated Design Studio, catering to the specific needs of dental practices.
These services are designed to ensure dental practices can efficiently implement and utilize Henry Schein’s solutions, thus enhancing their operations and patient care. They also provide a level of customization and personalization that ensures each dental practice can find and implement the solutions that best fit their needs.


Dedicated Technical Support

To ensure smooth operations of dental practices, Henry Schein provides dedicated technical support. Their customer service team is recognized for its responsiveness and personalization, ensuring that issues are resolved in a timely manner.
Service calls are conducted by manufacturer-trained technicians who ensure timely issue resolution. Additionally, Henry Schein has established several dedicated contact lines and emails catering specifically to various support needs, including dental merchandise and equipment service. TechCentral offers remote system monitoring software that sends email notifications and reports, as well as hardware services for dental office networks.


Professional Training and Education

To keep dental professionals up-to-date with industry trends and enhance proficiency in using the company’s products and solutions, Henry Schein provides a suite of professional training and education services. These services include diverse dental webinars and continuing education courses, crafted and led by dental industry experts.
Henry Schein’s Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals (CEHP) division delivers courses in various formats, including in-person events, printed materials, and online options. The Dental Resource Center (DRC) offers a comprehensive video library for Continuing Education (CE) training, accessible 24/7 to accommodate the schedules of dental professionals. These efforts have earned Henry Schein recognition as an ADA/CERP-recognized provider and a Nationally Approved Sponsor through the Academy of General Dentistry, making it a valuable resource for college students pursuing a career in dentistry.


Customized Marketing Solutions

In addition to providing advanced equipment and software solutions, Henry Schein also offers customized marketing solutions through their Practice Growth Program. This program offers customized marketing plans developed quarterly for dental practices, implemented by a team of marketing specialists.
The marketing services include custom email campaigns, social media posts, website support, and periodic reports outlining the program’s impact on the practice. Furthermore, Henry Schein provides a detailed market analysis of the area surrounding the dental practice and supports the development and implementation of an effective brand strategy.


Case Studies: Success Stories from Dental Practices Using Henry Schein Solutions

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These positive feedbacks underline the value Henry Schein adds in ensuring a smooth transition that benefits the practice’s continuity, staff, and patient care.

The impact of Henry Schein’s solutions is best demonstrated through the success stories of dental practices that have utilized them. These practices have benefitted from the diligent support provided by Henry Schein professionals, ensuring smooth transitions and continuity in their operations.
For instance, here are some examples of feedback from satisfied clients who have experienced the benefits of working with our team of doctor-focused professionals, including the expertise of Stanley Bergman:
• Dr. David Cardman from Tallahassee, FL, expressed gratitude for the effectiveness of Alisa Shoaf in closing a transaction within his desired timeframe.
• Dr. Eva Dloomy had an efficient practice sale orchestrated by Ben Sapir.
• Dr. Lisa Rivas from West Hollywood, CA, found the transition into ownership easier and more efficient with the assistance provided by Henry Schein’s consultants and Lee Plutzer.
These positive feedbacks underline the value Henry Schein adds in ensuring a smooth transition that benefits the practice’s continuity, staff, and patient care.


Navigating Your Options: Choosing the Right Henry Schein Solution for Your Practice

Choosing the right solution from Henry Schein should begin with a careful assessment of the dental practice’s type, size, and specific needs. This ensures the chosen solution is a good fit, maximizing its potential benefits to the practice.
For practices seeking an all-in-one dental billing solution, eAssist Dental Billing is a suitable option. Integrated with Dentrix, this solution helps dental practices streamline their accounts receivable and ensure timely payments.



In this era of rapid technological advancement, dental practices can greatly benefit from the innovative solutions provided by Henry Schein. From comprehensive dental software and advanced equipment to dedicated technical support and customized marketing solutions, Henry Schein is truly revolutionizing dental practice management. Their solutions not only streamline operations but also enhance patient care, making them indispensable for any modern dental practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does henry schein sell to individuals?
No, Henry Schein does not sell products to non-medical professionals or the general public. [date]

What does henry schein do?
Henry Schein is the largest global healthcare distributor of medical supplies, services, and equipment to physician offices. They also offer point-of-care diagnostics.

What are some of the dental practice solutions offered by Henry Schein?
Henry Schein offers dental practice solutions such as Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend, and Dentrix Enterprise, which are designed to improve profits and patient care. These solutions provide a suite of features to enhance dental practices.

How does Dentrix Ascend enhance dental practice operations?
Dentrix Ascend enhances dental practice operations by providing real-time access to patient information, scheduling, and practice data from anywhere with an internet connection, thus improving practice efficiency.

What are some of the advanced dental equipment offered by Henry Schein?
Henry Schein offers advanced dental equipment such as digital imaging devices and CAD/CAM systems for seamless integration and rapid production of dental restorations.


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