Zenith is partnered with every major dental software vendor to ensure your practice is running smoothly at all times.


We provide a comprehensive service for all of your technology needs, including startups, network, backups, marketing, etc. We average a 99.9% success rate in resolving the IT issues by the requested time for dental practices.


We provide unlimited remote IT support to your practice at one of the lowest prices in the country but still delivering world-class support.


We provide a full comprehensive suite of solutions, including cloud data backups, real time Malware protection, server storage, phone system support, and unlimited help desk IT support. We stand behind the quality of our work with a substantial guarantee.


Dental IT Solutions

Zenith engineers carry an extensive understanding in remote IT Solutions. We are also partnered with every major dental software to ensure your practice is running smoothly at all times.

Remote IT Support

For any issues with software vendors ranging from Pano, CT, Practice Management software or Imaging, give our team a call and a live technician will get the issues resolved. 99% of all calls are answered by a live technician within your first call.

Simple and transparent pricing, flat rate, month to month, and no hourly fees. Stop paying for overpriced services and focus your efforts on growing your practice.



Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud backup is essentially composing an extra copy of data while keeping the original copy secure. Disaster recovery is the process of quickly restoring data, access to applications, and other critical IT resources after or during an outage.

Our automated system will send an audit report with the status of the prior off-site backup and a monthly vulnerability report that will reflect the updates that have been completed.



Hosted Email Encryption

Email Is a critical component in todays world, it is one of the top ways to communicate within your practice. Email is one of the main ways hackers can steal confidential information and attempt to profit from it if possible.

To avoid any digital catastrophic event, we highly suggest our clients to invest in email encryption. It is as simple as integrating a secure email gateway that we can set up for you, as well as implementing automated encryption for an extra layer of security.



Our automated Anti-Virus is a software that constantly runs in the background, scanning work stations, servers and other devices to detect and prevent the spread of harmful malware. The software performs a scan in the background on directories or specific files that can contain malicious software.

Protecting your practice data is our number one priority, Our shielded software will ensure your system will be protected at all times against harmful viruses.


HIPAA Compliance

(HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. Companies that deal with protected health information (PHI) must have physical, network, and process security measures in place and follow them to ensure HIPAA Compliance. Covered entities (anyone providing treatment, payment, and operations in healthcare) and business associates (anyone who has access to patient information and provides support in treatment, payment, or operations) must meet HIPAA Compliance.

At Zenith we will audit your current system and policies, create a strategic plan to fix current HIPAA issues if necessary, and lastly set up a new system that is up to date.


Remote Access

Whether you’re out the office for the day or out of the country for a week, we give our clients the ability to access their practice data any where in the world while keeping all data secured in the cloud.



Hosted Virtual Server

Replace your physical server for a cloud based server and never have to worry about it going bad after 3-5 years. By moving your practice management system and x-ray system to the cloud we can offer more long term stability and reliability than a physical server can

A cloud based server would enable increased security, access to your practice data from anywhere in the world whenever you’d like, easily scalable, saved time and money.



Andrew Turchin, DMD

Dr. Andrew Turchin

I have been a client of this IT team for over 5 years, first under another larger company and now I followed them to this new company. They have always been excellent and very fast to respond. Pedro and his team are always there when we have an emergency as our busy dental office relies on our technology for almost every facet our our patient care. These guys know their stuff and care.

Liberty Lake Smile Source

Dr. Timothy Casey

I have been in practice 19 years and worked with four different IT companies over that time frame. Zenith has performed outstanding. Reliability is most important to me and Pedro has delivered. I recently moved to a new office brand new building and Pedro suggestions saved me easily $30,000. If you’re looking for a IT company I can not recommend Zenith Dental IT more highly.

SEDA Dental

Dr. Kenneth Rubinstein

Ray is the absolute best at helping with our IT issues. From being patient, courteous, and even a pleasure to deal with. I never feel like I am annoying him. There are times I have an emergency and call him directly from my cell phone to fix office computer issues and he helps me right away. Never tells me he needs to call me back its always instant. Kindest person I have ever dealt with as far as IT people. WE LOVE RAY!!! 5 stars isn't enough for him if I could I would give him more!

Allen Park Dental Care

Drs. Greg & Joanne Szalai

After switching to Zenith Dental -All I can say is WOW! They have been outstanding every step of the way! Our team was initially worried that our IT support was virtual and not local, but that has never been an issue-even when we had to replace some computers. As an added bonus, they are easily accessible 24/7. Pedro Becker and his team love what they do, and always deliver the best and nothing less! We feel so lucky to have them as part of our team!

Fox creek Family Dental

Dr. Ryan Koenig

Pedro and his team are amazing to work with.  They keep our IT worries minimal to none while keeping it affordable, efficient and transparent with what we are receiving.  They are viewed as partners, not just another vendor.  Their response rate and dedication is second to none in their industry.  We couldn’t be more happy working with them.

Celebrate Dental & Braces

Dr. David Ferguson

Pedro and Zenith are amazing. We have used them for years and are always impressed with the lightning fast response time as well as the eagerness to improve our systems rather than just keep them from breaking! We have multiple sites in multiple states and they keep us up and running perfectly! The biggest thing is when something goes wrong and it's urgent they always seem to have the resources to make us feel like we are the only client they have! Thanks Pedro and Zenith!


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Zenith engineers carry an extensive understanding in remote IT Solutions.

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