Sep 28, 2022

8 Benefits of Remote Dental IT Support

Sarah Harris | Sep 28, 2022 | 7 min read

Like other sectors of healthcare, the field of dentistry has adopted new technologies in order to modernize treatment procedures and improve the patient care experience. However, when dentistry technology fails, your practice can be severely impacted. Fortunately, a team of specialists with dental IT skills can keep your tech working as designed.


It’s true that many dental offices do not have the resources to hire a team of in-house dental IT specialists. You may have experienced this challenge firsthand. While you may have considered hiring a single IT specialist to solve your tech issues, this approach is not all that pragmatic.


Like most modern dentistry offices, your practice probably uses a dynamic range of IT assets like Eaglesoft and Dentrix. A solo IT guru might not have a broad enough range of skills to tackle all of your information technology nightmares. Even if they can, what happens if you experience a problem while they are sick, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable?


As you can see, hiring an in-house dental IT specialist is not the answer. Instead, you should partner with a local dental IT support provider that offers remote services. Doing so offers a multitude of benefits for your practice. By going this route, you can:

1.   Save Time

Hiring a dental IT support team that offers remote services is a great way to simplify your responsibilities. You can leave all of your technology headaches behind you and focus on doing what you do best: taking care of your patients’ pearly whites.


You will no longer have to waste hours trying to perform your own information technology troubleshooting or being put on hold as you attempt to contact a software developer’s support staff. Instead, you can simply reach out to your very own dental IT support provider and let them take it from there. Within minutes, they will be able to:


  • Remotely access your network
  • Diagnose the problem
  • Get your system back online


Sounds like a pretty appealing alternative to handling your IT woes in-house, doesn’t it?

2.   Reduce Costs

Partnering with a remote dental IT support provider can save you money in more ways than one. For starters, you can avoid the need to hire a full-time information technology specialist.


Even relatively inexperienced IT specialists will demand a healthy salary, not to mention the benefits and equipment you will have to pay for. If you have to hold them past their shift to resolve pressing IT issues, you will be tacking some overtime hours onto that standard rate of pay as well.


On the other hand, remote dental IT support providers can handle all of your technology issues for a flat, monthly rate. Whether you need support five times or 50 times during that month, your fee will be the same. This takes the guesswork out of budgeting for dental IT support and helps free up money that you can allocate to other business needs.


Using remote dental IT support services will also lead to indirect savings by improving customer satisfaction. This will reduce customer churn and help you maintain an adequate number of patients. Ultimately, you will be able to spend less on marketing and customer acquisition efforts.

3.   Access Modern Automation Technologies

Between running your practice and caring for patients, you simply do not have time to research the latest automation technology and dental software. Fortunately, when you partner with a dental IT team, you won’t have to split your attention.


A great support provider will help you discover automation technologies that are the right fit for your practice. They can even assist with the implementation of these technologies so that you can streamline business operations.


Automation technologies offer many benefits to you and your team. Most notably, you can reduce your reliance on manual data entry processes. This will:


  • Reduce the workload on your staff
  • Minimize the likelihood of data entry errors
  • Give your staff more time to interact directly with patients


When you automate redundant processes, everybody wins.

4.   Improve the Patient Experience

If you have ever had to postpone a patient’s appointment or dust off paper dental records due to a tech outage, you know just how frustrating this entire exchange can be. Your patient probably feels even more agitated, especially if they have to reschedule their visit, take additional time off work, and further disrupt their daily routine.


Working with a dental IT support provider minimizes the likelihood of a major disruption. Your provider will also help you implement modern technologies so that you can work more efficiently. The end result is a great patient experience.


Over time, you will strengthen your reputation within the dentistry industry. Current patients will stay with your practice and might recommend your office to others seeking dental care.

5.   Avoid Disruptive Technology Outages

While a dental IT support partner cannot completely prevent technology issues from arising, they can ensure that your software is in working order. Should an issue arise, they can work quickly to get your network back online so that you can resume normal operations.


In turn, this will help you elevate the level of care that you can provide your patients. You can avoid long-term disruptions to your operations and complete appointments on schedule.


From a business standpoint, dental IT support services will help you get the most out of your technology investments. You will experience a decreased time to value and a stronger return on investment (ROI). To put it simply, your technology investments will pay dividends, and your revenue will increase. All of this can be accomplished by choosing the right dental IT support services provider.

6.   Obtain Expert Dental IT Support

Wouldn’t it be nice to access years of dental IT industry experience and knowledge at the press of a button? When you leverage remote dental IT support services from an experienced provider, you can do just that.


When you call, text, email, or enter a chat with your provider, you can expect a prompt response. Right away, your provider will begin allocating the necessary resources and expertise to solve your pressing information technology issues. They will work tirelessly until your network and platforms are fully operational.


If you hire an in-house IT specialist, you only have access to the knowledge and skill set of a single person. Even if they are extremely talented, their skill set simply does not compare to that of an entire team of information technology experts.


A remote provider will have team members who specialize in troubleshooting various types of dental technologies. As a result, they will be able to remedy issues more efficiently and get your tech back online faster.

7.   Leverage Dentistry Tech Vendor Management

Do you know when the license for your current practice management software (PMS) expires? Have rates increased? Would you be able to save money by bundling multiple vendor services?


If those questions have you scratching your head, then you could definitely benefit from using the services of a dental IT support provider. Such a partner not only troubleshoots your digital assets but also provides vendor management services.


Vendor management involves keeping up with all of the licensing agreements for your various technologies. They can help you take advantage of money-saving opportunities, replace antiquated technology with modern alternatives, and reduce the hassle of keeping up with multiple licenses.

8.   Deploy Modern Practice Management Software (PMS)

Modern, cloud-based practice management software (PMS) is a productivity game changer. If you want to streamline business operations, increase data transparency, and deliver a higher quality of care to your patients, then you need a PMS solution.


Not sure where to begin your search for a new software suite? No worries; a reputable dental IT support provider will be able to point you in the right direction. The best remote dental IT support providers are not only familiar with the leading-edge PMS solutions, but they even have partnerships with dental software vendors. This allows them to get you a great deal while ensuring that you have the technological resources necessary to succeed.


We strive to deliver world-class Dental IT Support, our core focus is exceptional technical support services and unmatched customer service.

Choosing a Dental IT Support Provider

If you want to get the most out of your remote dental IT support services, then you need to partner with an industry leader like Zenith Dental IT. Zenith Dental IT has partnerships with the top names in the dental information technology space, including Dentrix and Eaglesoft.


Additionally, our team provides world-class remote dental IT support to practices of all sizes. Whether you operate a small, independent office or a rapidly growing multi-location practice, we can scale our support to meet your needs. Our IT support services are available at a flat monthly rate based on your practice size and number of locations.


To learn more, contact us today and obtain your no-obligation quote. If you have been searching for a better way to manage your digital assets, look no further than Zenith Dental IT.


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