Jan 1, 2023

13 Reasons Why Dental Technology is Worth the Investment

Rana Tarakji | Jan 1, 2023 | 8 min read

Modern tools and technology have completely changed the game for the dental industry. Every dental service, from getting a golden tooth to the extraction of your molars, has become effortless, painless, and quick owing to modern technological development.

The thought of going to a dentist doesn’t scare kids anymore because technology has played a great part in making things less violent. Everything comes with a price, and so does this dental advancement. The price of such top-notch dental equipment is over the roof.

But is getting these modern, high-quality machines really worth your hard-earned money? Let’s have a look at some valid reasons to buy them so you make a well-informed decision given the right knowledge.


1.    Management has Become Effortless

If you own a clinic or a private dental facility, you would know how difficult it can get to manage a team along with the patients. The amazing success in the field of technology has given healthcare professionals some utterly practical tools, devices, and software programs to effortlessly manage a clinic while being a dentist at the same place.

These tools and virtual aids enable you to manage everything on your own without having the need to hire dedicated managers and extra staff members to cover up for you. Management is something where technology can, if not already done, outsmart humans.


2.    Access to Patient’s Records Was Never Easier

You can easily access not only the records of your patients but also your clinical and personal files, even from far-flung places. Technology has introduced many record management tools, virtual and physical, that help you manage and recall your records in just a few clicks.

You can access any file of the medical history of your patients and employees from your electronic devices, given you have the password and username of the record-keeping software or application. It will also put a strict check on the privacy protection and security of the confidential information of your patients.

If the private information of your patients gets leaked, intentionally or not, you can get your license canceled if the patient decides to file a lawsuit against you. Therefore, it is more important to stay prepared than sorry.


3.    More Clients Through Online Scheduling

You will start getting more clients and patients after making your clinic technology-friendly. Technology will enable you to book as well as manage multiple appointments, given your availability in just a few minutes.

If you have a website or a medical social presence, you will be getting a lot of queries on a daily basis. As a healthcare professional, it is not possible to get time out to cater to each query individually; hence many people prefer hiring their virtual assistants or managers who filter out the important queries and book an appointment with the relevant people with you.

Getting modern equipment in your clinic will save you from all this hassle by offering the same services but faster and more efficiently. You can buy virtual bots and set them up to answer the most frequently asked queries. Moreover, you can also automate your website to book appointments for you.


4.    3D Dental Printing is in Your Best Interest

When talking of modern technology that has disrupted the dental industry, 3D printing completely fits the bill. This technology has gotten really famous within a short span of time owing to its efficacy and usefulness.

The pioneers in the industry who first used this machinery for dental purposes are still considered the best. 3D printing has made the work of dentists easier as well as faster. Any dental professional can get a dental implant made of his required material in just a few minutes owing to the 3D printer.

Here’s how 3D printing works for dental implants. These implants are so precise and efficient in their size and functioning that millions of people have opted for 3D implants worldwide, and this number continues to grow.


5.    Dental Motion Equipment Offers Best Solution for Chewing Problems

An overwhelming majority of people in the world suffer from paralysis. Some of them are unable to move their limbs, while others are unable to chew. Dental motion technology has given a ray of hope to people with different swallowing and chewing disabilities.

These technological devices are designed in a way to improve the range of motion of the area around the mouth and teeth. They strengthen the muscles around this area and offer the best solution for people who struggle with chewing their food.


6.    Transparent Braces Have Made Dentist Appointments Less Scary

Cavities and tooth decay are getting more and more predominant in the world due to an increased inclination of the population toward sweet products and processed sugar. A vast majority of children have to deal with crooked teeth or damaged teeth that also impair their social skills.

Despite having dental issues, many people are scared of going to dentists due to the heavy old scary machinery and the aesthetics of the braces. Transparent braces have solved both issues quite effortlessly. Youngsters love to wear their braces, and children are no longer scared of going to dentists because the trends in this industry have shifted due to technology.


7.    TeleDentistry is Just a Click Away!

After the pandemic phase and COVID-19, many dentists reported a decrease in the number of their patients. At first, the statistics raised a serious health concern and the potential of serious dental diseases getting ignored, but many studies also hinted that this could also be due to the fact that many dental clinics are shifting to online platforms.

Nowadays, you can easily find an online dentist via a simple Google search or a dedicated application or software program. You can easily solve your immediate dental concerns via online consultation. However, on-site appointments are preferred when the case is severe or requires deep attention.


8.    Satisfaction of Your Patients Will be Higher

It is natural for humans to feel protected and secure when we can clearly see the solution in front of us. If patients visit a dentist and they see modern cutting-edge tools and technology all around the place, they would instantly feel satisfied and think they have come to the right place.

This also adds to the efficacy of the treatment they receive because mentally, they have already accepted that they are going to get better with modern tools, and eventually, it does help them through placebo effects. Moreover, high-end dental technology produces fast results and provides precise treatment for any dental problems.


9.    Extremely Complex Procedures Can be Done in Minutes

You will need to read and understand the user manual of your dental equipment in detail to operate the technology in the right way. Once you know how to change the settings and how it works for your patients, you will be able to customize the settings of your equipment in accordance with the needs of each client of yours.

You will be able to do dental procedures as fast as five minutes, especially the procedures that would otherwise take hours to complete. This also leaves a positive impression on the patients. They would always prefer your service over others if they need fast and modern solutions to their dental concerns.


10. The Risk of Infections Decreases

Manual dental practice, even after taking all the precautions, still leaves the risk for many infections and contagious diseases. Using machinery for detailed dental examinations and checkups has eliminated all such fears regarding the transfer of germs and infections between two patients and doctors.

Furthermore, the sterilized equipment is well-cleaned regularly to make sure that the patients feel they are getting the most perfect and hygienic dental procedure of their life. Hence, technology keeps your hygiene from getting compromised in any way.


11. It Adds to Your Market Reputation and Credibility

When you have two options to get a dental procedure, which one would you choose? The one with cutting edge latest technology for the procedure or the one with the same old machinery and unappealing atmosphere? Many people tend to choose the former one because of obvious reasons.

The healthcare professional with modern technology gains a reputation as someone who offers only cutting-edge and high quality treatment solutions to his patients. Hence, the technology can help you build credibility and make your name in the niche quickly.


12. You Will Outsmart Your Competitors

There are only two ways to outsmart your competition in the healthcare niche. One is to outperform them in skills and patient-centric service, and the other one is to build a better authority in the niche. The former can be achieved through learning relevant skills and applying your knowledge, while the latter is successfully achieved by offering the best solutions and experience to your patient using the modern architect of your clinic and having state-of-the-art machinery in your clinic.

If you keep following the right practices and start using modern technology to treat your patient, no later than a couple of years, you will become successful in making your name in the market.


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